Youth & College

Youth on a balcony at sunrise - Lighthouse Beach RetreatLighthouse Beach Retreat is ideal for any youth group from 15 - 128. While we are a Christian Retreat Center, we welcome groups to our facilities that are not on a "church retreat", for example we often host sports teams.  We do not allow smoking or alcoholic beverages on the premises. During the last year we have received reports from many youth leaders of both young people AND a number of leaders coming to know the Lord through their retreats at RBBC.  The most recent combined estimates were over 290 professions of faith and young folks "called" into God's ministry.  Many of these individuals too advantage of the opportunity to be baptized in our "unique" baptistry - the waters of Gulf of Mexico.

  • Beach Ministries
  • Resort Ministries
  • Sporting Ministries
  • Backyard Bible Schools
  • And Many More Witnessing Opportunities Through the "Barefoot Believers" Organization Directed by Rev. Nate Diehl (251-591-6125