If your group has received your Reservation Confirmation Letter, you may send your confirmation deposit via the online payment option to hold those dates - and you may send your donation balance as well. Your retreat is NOT confirmed until we receive your deposit which must be in our office no later than 14 dates from issuance of the confirmation letter.  Deposits not received or "special" arrangements for a paid deposit will result in the release of your dates for others use.  We must be good stewards of the facilities God has entrusted us to care for and ensure the most number of "opportunities" are available for life changing experiences here on the Gulf of Mexico.

Online Registrations coming soon. 
Until then please email Chris Fowler or call 251-981-8959 or 251-981-8965.

Sign your confirmation letter, make a copy for yourself, and mail the original back to this address with your deposit unless you used the online option.

Romar Beach Baptist Church
PO Box 128
Orange Beach, AL  36561