General Information

  • Costs: We ask a donation of $40 per person/per night. We practice the "honor" system as to the actual number you bring. (November - February we lower our request to $35 per person/per night. Ask about local church discounts!
  • To "lock" your dates we ask for $250 (refundable if retreat is canceled before 30 days of the scheduled arrival date) for cleanup. $500 for groups of over 70. The MINIMUM group size is 15. Use of the entire facility PAID MINIMUM is 72. You are NOT required to pay the additional 13% lodging tax charged by other facilities.
​The Lighthouse Beach Retreat Center is co-located within Romar Beach Baptist Church so we ask that it be treated as you would treat your church. (The 1st floor Sanctuary is reserved for Romar Beach Baptist Church USE ONLY unless arrangements are made and a cleaning fee is paid in advance.)
We are unable to provide maid service or cooks.


  • Our facility is in high demand, so a cleanup request holds your reservation. Your retreat is NOT guaranteed until we receive your cleanup request by check or online payments. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stay in contact with us for any needs or changes to your group size or plans.
  • Groups MUST return the original signed confirmation letter with the cleanup request within 14 days or your requested dates will be released to other groups needs.   (Check or via  Online Retreat Donation)
  • If either your contact numbers or group numbers change please let us know as soon as possible!
  • Unfortunately our facilities are NOT DESIGNED to accommodate  lodging for individuals or family units.  Our current two VIP units are ONLY for the exclusive use of groups (or potential group) for their particular needs (kitchen workers, bus drivers, special guests, etc.) and MUST REMAIN AVAILABLE for their "priority" use. Our insurance also requires the presence of a staff person for groups of less than 15 so we are also unable to provide for groups of a lesser number than 15. We are also unsuited to provide "vacation" or "get-a-way" options for these same reasons.

Group Arrival

  • Your arrival will be anticipated with great excitement!  We ask that you call (251-981-8959) when your group is about an hour away from the facility so someone can meet you here, get you into the building, hand out keys and go through a quick orientation! 
  • If your know your group will arrive after 3 pm check in time please let us know as soon as possible. We suggest if you have a very late group arrival you send someone before our offices close to discuss arrival details. (Staff live north of Orange Beach and will need to arrange our schedule meet you either later in the evening or first thing the next day.)


  • Park on ground level only.  ABSOLUTELY NO BUSES or vans (over 15 passenger) are allowed on upper deck at any time due to weight issues.
  • We have members who drop in during the week, so we ask that you leave a few parking spaces by the elevator available for their vehicles and for staff vehicles.
  • Trailers are to be parked under parking deck nearer the street.  (Not in the area near the elevator.)

What You Supply

  • Food and Cooks
  • Single bed linens or sleeping bag
  • Pillows
  • Bath towels and wash cloths
  • Toiletries
  • Visiting groups furnish all paper products. 
    • Lighthouse will provide filled receptacles at the beginning of your visit, but each group is responsible for refills as needed.
  • Styrofoam or paper plates
  • Plastic or Styrofoam Glasses & Cups
  • Plastic "Silverware"
  • Paper Towels
  • Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Trash Removal

  • Trash is to be bagged and disposed of regularly. Please help us to keep the building, stairwells, and grounds clear of trash and debris, not only for appearance, but for the sake of safety and sanitation.
  • Trash chutes are located on each floor and may be used only for smaller bags.  If your bag will not fit in the chute, Your group is responsible to carry all trash to the trash container on the ground level. 
  • Please do not leave trash in closets or the trash cart. 


  • Dial 9-1-1 for any emergency requiring police and/or emergency medical / ambulance.
  • The Gulf of Mexico can be dangerous and must be respected.
  • Periodically there will be jellyfish in the water and on the beach that can inflict a painful sting. You will need a bottle of white vinegar to neutralize the sting.
  • All Entry / Exit (9) exterior doors must be locked after lights out at night.


Due to issues in the past with our elevator, we must adhere to strict guidelines concerning its use. Please stress these rules to your group to avoid potentially expensive issues.

  • Elevator should be used by adults only.
  • Your group is responsible for:
    • Damage caused by "playing" (jumping in the elevator, knocking door off track, etc.)
    • False emergency calls via the “bell” or “phone” buttons on the elevator control panel.
      • These buttons are not toys and are not for making phone calls from the elevator except in an emergency.
      • Depressing them summons emergency personnel and It is illegal to make a false emergency call.

The members of Romar Beach Baptist Church look forward to meeting you and sharing our beautiful beach retreat with your group. We pray you have safe travel.

We request our guests reflect our Christian values and refrain from using tobacco products, drinking alcohol, use of illegal drugs, or profanity, please behave in a Christ-like manner at all times. We ask the leaders to insure that everyone follows these basic Christian values and we reserve the right to terminate the reservation of a group who seriously violates the Retreat Center policies.