4th floor

  • 1 girls dorm - 10 "bunk-beds" (total capacity of 20 beds)
  • 1 girls dorm - 9 "bunk-beds" (total capacity of 18 beds)
  • 1 boys dorm - 10 "bunk-beds" (total capacity of 20)
  • 1 boys dorm - 9 "bunk-beds" (total capacity of 18)
  • Between each side is a large bath with 4 showers
  • Overflow Individual 4 Stall Shower Room Available

3rd Floor

  • 2 girls' dorms - 8 each (total of 16 bunks)
  • 2 guys' dorms - 8 each (total of 16 bunks)
  • Between each side is a bath with 1 shower
  • One dorm "Omega" - 8 either girls of guys w/separate bath
  • NEW! Overflow 4 Individual Stall  "Shower Room" Available on 3rd Floor

You need to bring:

  • Single bed linens or sleeping bag
  • Pillows
  • Bath towels and wash cloths
  • Toiletries
  • Visiting groups furnish all paper products. 
    • Lighthouse will provide filled receptacles at the beginning of your visit, but each group is responsible for "refills" as needed.

 VIP Suites

Located on the 4th floor, the two VIP Suites are for the use of leaders, cooks, or other adults accompanying a group. These are available ONLY to groups who are currently occupying our facilities and are not designed for individual families stays.

  • Two double beds
  • Mini fridge, coffee maker, microwave
  • Private bath.
  • All linens are included in rooms & baths however there is NO maid service.
VIP rooms are NOT available on an individual basis, only for adults accompanying groups.