Domestic Travel Coverage for Missions, Churches, and Schools

Whether it is legal liability or moral responsibility, individuals who coordinate and arrange for groups to travel domestically create a great deal of liability for their group or organization. Assuming, or even requiring, that all travelers have medical protection does not shield the group organizer from liability.  Inadequate coverage or the trips leader's inability (lack of training) to assist a traveler during an emergency, accident, or sickness, can lead to out-of -pocket expenses that the organization may be obligated to cover.

RBBC has teamed up with MissionSafe & World Insurance Association, Inc. to offer coverage for all your groups insurance needs beginning in 2016.  This is a totally optional program and not a mandatory addition.  It is simply an option which can be of significant value should a need arise.

For as little as $1 a day, participants can be covered for a variety of emergency needs.  Equally important, the trip leader can call upon trained experts.

For more information or to enroll your group please contact or call 800-578-2111. This is only available prior to the actual beginning of your trip.  Coverage is from your church or organization starting point until your return home. Please give these folks a call should you have additional questions. God bless and we always pray for your safety traveling and while you experience RBBC. Hope to see ya soon!