Domestic Travel Coverage for Missions, Churches, and Schools

Whether it is legal liability or moral responsibility, individuals who coordinate and arrange for groups to travel domestically create a great deal of liability for their group or organization. Assuming, or even requiring, that all travelers have medical protection does not shield the group organizer from liability.  Inadequate coverage or the trips leader's inability (lack of training) to assist a traveler during an emergency, accident, or sickness, can lead to out-of -pocket expenses that the organization may be obligated to cover.

Making a Stand in the Sand! Located actually ON the beach!

The Lighthouse Retreat Center is a "year-round" facility which hosts groups from across our nation each year.  From California to Georgia and from Minnesota to Florida, groups large and small have returned year after year to enjoy the peace, the views, the fellowship, and the atmosphere lending itself to worship. Consider bringing your folks to the beach in winter and miss the ice and cold weather! The average temperature for Orange Beach is 66.75 °F, 23% higher than the nationwide average (54.50°F), and 2.8% higher than the Alabama average of 64.95°F.

We would welcome the opportunity to host your Christian Meetings and Retreats, Mission Conferences & Retreats, Choir Retreats, Men's & Ladies' Meetings, Senior Adult Conferences & Retreats, Sunday School Planning Conferences, as well as most "group" needs.

Due to the large numbers of retreaters utilizing our entire facilities we no longer host weddings in our buildings or on the beach.

The Lighthouse Christian Retreat also hosts groups who are not in the area for a "Christian" event such as sports teams, so long as they are willing to abide by the rules of a Christian Retreat Center. More detailed information is available for: